2020 T.H.E. Conference Classes

Check out some of the exciting classes coming to you at the next Technology Health Experience!
As we near the conference dates, we are continually adding more classes, so check back often.

TDS Taking a "No Money Left Behind" Approach to Reconciliation

Mark Olberding

Review our state-of-the-art reconciliation tool to take a “No Money Left Behind” approach to your pharmacy business.

TDS Pharmacy Compliance: Can it be Easy?

Mark Olberding

Learn more about our compliance solution for your retail, specialty, compounding or infusion pharmacy.

TDS 340B Profitability and Analysis

Monty Rogers

Join our experts as we take an in-depth look at profitability for your 340B program.

TDS Retail Business Solution (RBS) Tools to Maximize Revenues and Contain Costs

Monty Rogers

Learn how to maximize revenue and contain cost using interactive financial reporting through RBS.

TDS Save Time and Money with Integrated PDMP Review

Anna Hall

Learn how PDMP review can save you time and assist in making good dispensing decisions that keep you compliant.

TDS Best Practices in People Management

Kimberley Carroll

Gain insight into the challenges and impact of people management from our panel of pharmacy professionals as we discuss a critical part of your business: your employees.

TDS Mastering Operations, Finance and Business Management in Your Pharmacy

Kimberley Carroll

Join the discussion as pharmacy professionals share their stories of mastering the business aspects of pharmacy operations.

TDS The 360 Pharmacy Hub

Russell Murrow

Discover how 360 Pharmacy Hub brings all your systems together in a user-friendly environment.

TDS Understanding Internet Security and Backup Safety

Jarrett Freeman

Learn the importance of cyber security in your pharmacy. Gain insight and best practices on Internet security and backup safety from our IT team.

RX30 Making the Most of Your Clinical Opportunities

Anna Hall

Explore how to make the most out of your clinical opportunities within Rx30.

RX30 2019 and 2020 Recap of Rx30 Enhancements

Andrew Kleinmann

Join the Rx30 Product Team as we review enhancements to Rx30 and learn about future enhancements to make your experience better.

RX30 Mastering Medication Synchronization in Your System

Courtney Hartman

Review of best practices of Rx30's integrated synchronization module.

RX30 Optimal Settings and Best Practices Within Your Rx30 System

Dennis Hatchett

Review of parameters, stop options, and best practices for Rx30.

RX30 Clinical Focus - eCare Solution

Andrew Kleinmann

Review the new eCare integration with Rx30 which allows users to build and send care plans to CPESN!

RX30 Data Mining with ReportRx

Crystal Brown

Review the power of the web reporting tool ReportRx. Optimize your business reporting with canned reports, drag and drop columns, and easy exporting options.

RX30 Optimizing Systematic Workflow Within Your Pharmacy

Shaquan Drayton

Receive an overview of Rx30's integrated workflow system and how it can assist with safety, efficiency and tracking.

RX30 Leveraging Rx30 to Strengthen your ALF and LTC Business (Nursing Home)

Dalia Rios

Learn about Rx30's powerful integrated Nursing Home module, which includes MAR Printing, Packager and EMAR Integrations, Cycle Filling, and much more!

RX30 Stretching Your Dollars Further with Rx30 Inventory Management

Andrew Kleinmann

Learn how to tighten your inventory and keep your hard earned money in your wallet and not on your shelf with Rx30's traditional perpetual inventory, Smart inventory, EDI Ordering, Bin Management, and inventory allocation.

RX30 Battling DIR Fees Within Your Pharmacy

Andrew Kleinmann

Learn the functions of the DIR estimator tool in Rx30. Review how to add schedules, view estimations within the workflow and view outcomes that impact your pharmacy.

RX30 Automating Your Pharmacy Processes with Rx30

Amador (AJ) Rangel

Join us to review the automated refilling process of Virtual Pharmacist, Synchronization, Robotics and Workview.

RX30 The Evolution of Surescripts and How it Impacts your Pharmacy

Mario Farmer

Discover the power that Surescripts brings in 2020. Review all the new features that save you time and improve communication with your prescribers.

RX30 Central Services

Luis Villegas

Learn how the central service offerings in Rx30 can help multi-store owners operate a more efficient pharmacy chain.

TDS TDS POS - New Feature Showcase

John Klimkiewicz Jr

Get a sneak peek of the all new POS system powered by TDS. Be the first to see new built-in features and functions this solution brings to your store.

TDS Understanding Credit Card Security, EMV, Tokenization and More

Thomas Fluty

Learn how to protect your customers and your business by keeping sensitive information safe with an overview of credit card security, payment options, and more.

RX30 Use Your POS to Increase Customer Traffic

Thomas Fluty & David Stillman

Is your point of sale system helping your business? Learn how your POS can help draw in more customers and improve your bottom line.

RX30 Increase Pharmacy Sales with POS Delivery and Rx30

David Stillman

Delivery is a hot topic in the pharmacy industry. Help your business keep up with the big-name retailers by utilizing POS delivery within your Rx30 system.

CRX Increase Pharmacy Sales with POS Delivery and Computer-Rx

David Stillman

Delivery is a hot topic in the pharmacy industry. Help your business keep up with the big-name retailers by utilizing POS delivery within your Computer-Rx system.

TDS Introduction to New TDS POS Reports

John Klimkiewicz Jr.

Receive valuable insights for your business thanks to all new reports from your POS. Learn what these powerful reports can do for you.

TDS Reduce Overhead and Increase Profits (TDS POS)

John Klimkiewicz Jr.

Make your POS work for you. Learn how to lower your overhead costs while increasing profits to help give your business a boost.

CRX CRx: Making the Most of Your Clinical Opportunities

Anna Hall

Clinical opportunities within your CRx system are a great way to earn more money for your pharmacy. Learn all about the clinical opportunities available through CRx.

CRX CRx: Mastering Medication Synchronization in Your System

Paul Jacobsen

Learn your options for sync and how to set up your patients with medication synchronization, including a walkthrough of filling prescriptions with sync.

CRX CRx: Taking Inventory Control from Concept to Reality

Whitney Castle

Understand EDI ordering from start to finish, including how it controls your inventory.

CRX CRx: Calendar Views and How to Use

Paul Jacobsen

Learn how to use the updated calendar views in WinRx and how the various improvements can benefit your business.

CRX CRx: Clinical Focus - eCare solution

Paul Jacobsen

The all new eCare solution in CRx is designed with your pharmacy in mind. Learn how eCare brings a clinical focus to your business.

CRX CRx: Verification Processes Beyond Barcode Scanning

Nate Hammons

Receive an in-depth look at the Tech Check and Final Check screens within CRx. Learn how to make the most of these features for your business.

CRX CRx: Utilizing Workflow Tools

Jay Bocock

Your workflow is essential to your pharmacy. Receive insights on how to utilize all the tools in CRx to make your workflow more efficient.

CRX CRx: Making Packing Machines Work for You: Packing in Your Pharmacy

Nate Hammons/Paul Jacobsen

Learn how pack machines interact with WinRx, including the future of compliance packaging with WinRx.

CRX CRx: Intro to Filling Prescriptions

Kim Wilken

Walk through the basic input practices for filling a script in WinRx from start to finish.

CRX CRx: Best Practices for Prescription Input Advanced

Kim Wilken

Once you’ve mastered the basics, learn valuable tips and tricks for advanced prescription input in WinRx.

CRX CRx: WinScan - Common Troubleshooting Tips

Bunky Fincher

Receive an overview of common issues within WinScan, so you can better identify and correct them if they occur.

CE Advocacy Update: The Issues Impacting Your Business

Reema Taneja, J.D., Director, NCPA Policy and Regulatory Affairs

From drug pricing to the Supreme Court case, 2020 has been a busy year for community pharmacy advocacy. Get the latest developments and insights on what it means for your business.

CE Hemp: Positioning Yourself as the Truth Expert

Jesica Mills, PharmD, MBA

Understand the science behind hemp. Doctors are recommending it, patients are seeking it, and as a front-line healthcare provider, you should be the one educating patients on its uses.

CE Improving Immunization Rates and Expanding Your Business

Kevin Day, PharmD

Learn strategies for increasing immunization rates. Walk away with practical solutions for expanding your immunization portfolio from a pharmacy owner.

CE Addressing Nutrient Depletions in the Pharmacy

Jesica Mills, PharmD, MBA

Supplements and vitamins are a nearly $37 billion industry. Are you taking full advantage of these OTCs? Learn about common nutrient deficiencies, making recommendations, and selling more vitamins.

CE Pharmacogenomics: Challenges and Opportunities

Kevin Day, PharmD

Hear from peers utilizing pharmacogenomics to create personalized care for their patients and a diversified revenue stream for the pharmacy.

CE Opioid Pain Management

Richard Logan, Jr, PharmD

Take a multi-pronged look at the opioid crisis from the pharmacist’s perspective, including the policies and processes of your pharmacy peers, communicating risk reduction, and preventing abuse, misuse, and diversion.

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